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Oblique Gaming advances to the finals of Armageddon Qualifiers

Nic on 2013-02-15

Oblique Gaming advances to the finals of Armageddon Qualifiers



Oblique Gaming, the Indian powerhouse, has swept ATE (Aggressive Teamwork Experience) 2-0 in the semi-finals of the Armageddon ‘Rest of Asia’ Qualifiers last night to book their slot in the grand finals. Oblique Gaming currently await the winner of tonight’s semi-final matchup between FUBAR and Infamous.


Viewers on stream last night witnessed the exciting series between Oblique Gaming and ATE.  The first game was pretty much dominated by Oblique Gaming’s Templar Assassin but ATE was able to provide some resistance in the second game with a traditional Anti Mage pick along with a Nerubian Weaver on the off-lane.


While the carries on both teams were farming well and getting their items on time, the deciding factor of game 2 was ultimately item selection. Oblique Gaming’s lineup of Lifestealer, Puck and Nature’s Prophet (with an Orchid of Malevolence) allowed them to easily counter both Weaver’s Shukuchi and Anti Mage’s Blink. The potency of their silences was too much for ATE to handle despite a late Black King Bar on Anti Mage (who realized that he desperately needed it to avoid being locked down by enemy heroes). As a result, ATE had no choice but to concede to Oblique Gaming despite a decent farm advantage.


Formerly known as Team Elunes, Oblique Gaming is in the finals of Armageddon Asia Qualifiers


In the other semifinal match to be played tonight, Indian team Infamous will go up against sole Mongolian representative FUBAR. In this series, it would seem that the odds are in favor of Infamous as they are well-known within the Indian scene and are fierce rivals with Oblique Gaming and ATE. The team showed multiple impressive runs at GosuCup including a third round finish where they were eventually defeated by Malaysian powerhouse Orange eSports.


Be sure to tune in and catch the exhilarating showdown between India and Mongolia tonight at the Armageddon ‘Rest of Asia’ Qualifiers.

The semi-final match between these two teams will be streamed by Rapture Gaming Network later. Kindly visit ( for the link of the stream.

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