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e-Sports experts predict SEA League Group Winners

Nic on 2013-02-04

e-Sports experts predict SEA League Group Winners

The SEA League is about to start and top teams such as Zenith, Neolution.Orange and MiTH-Trust among others are set to do battle. The online tournament features 16 teams divided into 4 groups. RGN managed to get several e-Sports experts to predict which teams will progress past the group stages.



It seems that First Departure and MiTH-Trust are unanimous favorites to advance from Group A, while The International 2 participants, Zenith and Neolution Orange are favourites from Group B and C respectively. In Group D, Neolution International and MSIevoGT.TnC were clear favourites.


Will our expert’ picks hold up? Or will we witness some upsets in the group stages?


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