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NinjaBoogie to play support

Nic on 2013-02-25

NinjaBoogie to play support



One of the more well-known captains and carry players in the South-East Asian DOTA 2 scene has confirmed with Rapture Gaming Network that he will be switching to the support role along with his Filipino teammate Foxx. According to Michael ‘NinjaBoogie’ Ross, the decision was made due to a “communication problem” between Foxx and the team’s second support player, Shawn ‘Hachiko’ Ng.


NinjaBoogie is renowned for his stable plays and dominating presence in every game he plays for Neolution.International. To the dismay of his avid fans, Mike has decided to revert back to a supporting role which he is familiar with back when he was a member of Duskbin. 


On another note, with regard to the Armageddon Grand Slam Asia Qualifiers, the team has decided to pull out of the Singapore Qualifiers and stick with their current sponsors, Neolution, instead. Captain NinjaBoogie expressed that he was “grateful to have Neolution and won’t gamble on the Armageddon qualifiers”. 


Nevertheless, only time will tell whether the new role switch for Neolution.International will pay off for the SEA squad, when Hachiko steps up as the new carry player and NinjaBoogie as the support, having previously established themselves as one of the powerhouses of SEA DOTA 2.


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