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Play Kings and Legends and win a Playstation 4!

76 times Michael on 2014-01-23
King and Legends300145_20140123085708.png

Play Kings and Legends now & stand a chance to win a playstation 4!

Denmark on top of the European Championships 2013

146 times Ronnel on 2013-12-20

Denmark won the recently concluded European Championships 2013 held at Belgrade, Serbia.

Ninjas in Pyjamas victorious at Fragbite Masters 2013

357 times Ronnel on 2013-12-16

Ninjas in Pyjamas are finding their way back to the winning track. The team successfully take home the Fragbite Masters 2013 championship.

mouz conquers EPS Germany Winter 2013

200 times Ronnel on 2013-12-14

mousesports had successfully conquered the EPS Germany Winter 2013 after defeating EnRo GRIFFINS in the grand finals. 

SLTV StarSeries VIII Grand Finals

196 times Ronnel on 2013-12-12

Astana Dragons, Universal Soldiers, LGB E-Sports and Clan Mystik made their way to the SLTV Grand Finals.

DreamHack unveiled schedule for 2014-2015 events

287 times Ronnel on 2013-12-11

DreamHack has announced the schedule for their 2014-2015 events.

France and Denmark in the ESEC Grand Finals

159 times Ronnel on 2013-12-10

Team France and Team Denmark will share the stage in the ESEC 2013 Grand Finals.

Assembly Winter 2014

149 times Ronnel on 2013-12-08
download (1)_20131208015438.jpg

Some details regarding Assembly Winter 2014 has been unveiled.

ENCE, Cursive, Kissinmintu, Decerto, BuggIT, Paranoia to LanTrek

142 times Ronnel on 2013-12-08

One of the biggest gaming event in Finland, LanTrek has sent invitation to six top caliber teams.

GDK League Season 8

94 times Ronnel on 2013-12-05

The details regarding the eighth season of the GDK League has been unveiled.

RGN Elite FIFA League - Hakumenfox vs El Rey review


VIET NAMHakumenfox pulled off a stunning win over SINGAPOREEl Rey to move ahead of him in the league table. The Vietnamese is now level on points with 2nd placed SINGAPOREhibidi, albeit having played two games more.

VeryGames wins MSI BeatIt 2013

192 times Ronnel on 2013-11-25

VeryGames continued to unleash their wrath in the fps scene after adding another championship in their bag

RGN Elite FIFA League Week 13 Review


Match Day 13 ended with SINGAPOREhibidi moving to within 4 points of the league leader MALAYSIAleOmeS. At the other end of the table, MALAYSIAsi_jali secured his top-flight status with an emphatic thrashing of Thailand’s THAILANDKirosZ.

Speed Gaming 2-1 DK and wins MLG

394 times ze on 2013-11-25

 Speed Gaming takes the Grand Finals 2-1 against  DK and wins the MLG Championship!

RGN League Playoffs Schedule

1064 times ze on 2013-11-24

As the RGN League group stage draws to a close with 2 games remaining, we have released the schedule for the Playoffs.

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