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RGN Elite FIFA League Week 10 Review


Our Fifth Official talks us through what went down over the weekend at the RGN FIFA Elite League.

FIFA 14 Gameplay Review by hibidi

F14 1_20131027121822.png

Flash.hibidi's verdict on the latest iteration of the FIFA series, FIFA 14

DOTA 2 Elite - Play week 11: MiTH.Trust easily defeats AMD.Mineski

690 times Hamodi on 2013-09-28

With this loss, PHILIPPINES AMD.Mineski still sits at the bottom of the standings.

GND2SC Thailand Qualifiers: big upsets from Lemon and GxGaming.Brutal

138 times Hamodi on 2013-09-27

Thailand Qualifiers recently concluded.

GND2SC rest of Asia qualfiers: Oblique Gaming and Spawn-Gaming.inFAMOUS grabs final spots

153 times Hamodi on 2013-09-26

The final country qualifier of the Gigabyte Nvidia DOTA 2 Summer Cuphas finally concluded.

Infinity Blade III

194 times RollsRoyce on 2013-09-21

The epic finale to the Infinity Blade series is just around the corner!

Dota 2 gets a LAN Boost!

321 times RollsRoyce on 2013-09-21
dota 2 lan_20130921061410.png

Dota 2 receives LAN support and functionality! 

Nakamachi NBS2 Bluetooth Speaker. Tiny package, huge sound.

246 times Yennan on 2013-09-21

Nakamichi is synonymous with a long history of producing great sounding products. I remember the times when my old man tells me good things about their products; although back than we could only admire but could not afford.

Energizer® XP3000 Mobile Charger. Energy to Go.

191 times Yennan on 2013-09-21

Energizer is a veteran in the battery business and they have a wide range of powerbanks. So what’s so special about the Energizer® XP3000 Mobile Charger?

PowerSkin Hybrid Battery Charger (iPhone 5). Because battery life is life.

169 times Yennan on 2013-09-21

Have a look at the PowerSkin Hybrid Smartphone Charger, a uniquely designed product which allows you to "stick" itself onto your phone. 

DOTA 2 Elite - week 10 match preview: AMD.Mineski vs Impervious

463 times Hamodi on 2013-09-20

DOTA 2 - Elite week 10 match preview between PHILIPPINES AMD.Mineski and SINGAPORE Impervious.

The FIFA Cup Review

FIFA Cup 2013 1_20130918034014.png

We take a look back at the biggest FIFA Cup yet and find out who's to watch out for when the new season returns with FIFA 14.

GND2SC Philippines Qualifiers: Results Recap

299 times Hamodi on 2013-09-17

PHILIPPINES UGZ UGZ and PHILIPPINES Pacific-2 to carry the Philippines flag in the main event.

GND2SC Malaysia qualifiers: GizMo Gaming and MalayAllstars secures their spot

311 times Hamodi on 2013-09-13

Singapore Qualifiers recap of the Gigabyte Nvidia DOTA 2 Summer Cup.

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