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Fighting - Street Fighter

PGF 2013 Super Street Fighter IV Tournament

3489 times Ronnel on 2013-10-09

It's time for the Street Fighter players to make their way to the battle field. Rapture Gaming Network in cooperation with PinoyVersus officially launches the registration for the WCG 2013 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Competition.

Capcom Cup Qualifers Finals matches at Tokyo Game Show 2013

288 times ZS on 2013-09-25

Watch the exciting final matches that happen over the weekend at Capcom Cup Qualifiers, held at Tokyo Game Show 2013.

Registration Opened for RGN League Super Street Fighter IV PSN Online Open: CGA Qualifiers

681 times ZS on 2013-08-01

Registrations for RGN League Super Street Fighter IV Open category for the August is opened! Winners of this tournament will be seeded for Cyber Games Asia held at Tokyo Game Show 2013.

Getting Started on Fighting Games

307 times Reuben Soh on 2013-07-29
SSF4 pic 1_20130728102618.jpg

Inspired by the events at EVO 2013, or the heroics of DM.Xian? Want to get started on fighting games but dont know where to begin? Well help is here. 

WCG 2013 Korean SSF4 Grand Finals - Infiltration vs Poongko

721 times ZS on 2013-07-23

Last weekend WCG Korea concluded with Seonwoo "Infiltration” Lee (Akuma) vs Lee "Poongko" Chung Gon (Seth)​ in the grand finals.

Watch to find out who won.

DM MCZ Xian interview by HBTB

607 times ZS on 2013-07-17
xian banner_20130716113606.png

HoldBackToBlock interviews with EVO2013 Street Fighter IV Champion, DM MCZ Xian.

Click to watch the video.

South East Asia Major 2013 Preview : Singapore vs Vietnam - The Friendly 20 vs 20.

1187 times ZOMGSHOX on 2013-06-15

If you're hungry from some South-East Asian match-ups, we have some here right now. 20 of the best players from Singapore and Vietnam go head to head for a preview of what's to come up in SEAM 2013. 

Michael Tan VS Daigo Umehara at Battle Tour 2013

746 times ZS on 2013-05-20
mic tan vs daigo banner_20130520035138.png

During a charity event Battle Tour Umehara X Taito Station, Michael Tan the highest ranking Ken player in Japan's arcades challenges Umehara Daigo.

EG Floe making fun of Mike Ross' Safe Jump Setups

692 times ZS on 2013-05-14
untitled (2)_20130514042607.png

Mike Ross (loyal E.Honda player) engage in a funny commentary with Floe (main Sagat and Rufus).

Frame Trap x Capcom - Andreas vs Ryan Hart - SSF4AE

589 times ZS on 2013-05-11
capcom fighter tv_20130510093029.png

Capcom Europe and FrameTrapTV hosted a first to 10 match between Andreas (Rufus) and Ryan Hart (Ryu).

TopAnga Asia League - Sakonoko

646 times ZS on 2013-05-07

Held recently in Japan, Sakanoko (Evil Ryu, Ibuki) fights 7 other top players and emerge the champion.

NorCal Regionals 2013 - Super Street Fighter IV AE2012

501 times ZS on 2013-05-01

Players include Xian, Infiltration, Momochi, ChirsG, Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Wolfkrone and Mike Ross.


NEW Street Fighter 4 UPDATE! Character Balance Feedback

854 times ZS on 2013-03-23
untitled (2)_20130323123343.png

Each week, Capcom is asking fans to submit their suggestions for 10 Street Fighter IV characters' changes.

Liang HuBBB's Funny and cool moments Episode 71

509 times ZS on 2013-02-19

Lastest compilation video by Liang HuBBB

All Capcom Histrical vsgame Olympic 2013

660 times ZS on 2013-02-17

Japanese arcade centre A-cho hosted a series of matches for Capcom's fighters.

Games include Super Street Fighter IV AE2012, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Street Fighter Zero 3, Darkstalker 3, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 2, Street Fighter EX2, JoJo Bizarre Adventure and Fate/unlimited codes.

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