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Gunning for glory: [Bf.Nut]’s Blackshot recruitment drive

RGN on 2013-02-22

Gunning for glory: [Bf.Nut]’s Blackshot recruitment drive 



[Bf.Nut], the famed Singaporean FPS outfit which drew praise and admiration, when they recently represented the region at the Dreamhack Winter Games 2012, is currently looking to expand their roster beyond Counter-Strike and Battlefield 3 teams.  Looking to relive the success the team previously had with the free-to-play shooter Blackshot, [Bf.Nut] is hosting trials for budding Blackshot talents in a bid to bolster their ranks for an upcoming Blackshot tournament.


The recruitment drive, which was first announced on 5 February, has since garnered an overwhelming response of over 66 applicants, which has prompted the Head of [Bf.Nut]’s Blackshot division, Hiew Min “Amanzel” Fung, to stop accepting additional applicants for the time being.  “We have officially decided to stop the recruitment for now, with effect 9 February 2013, Saturday.  (We may however) open it again in the near future if necessary,” said Amanzel who was impressed by the response.


Aiming to have the team ready before the unspecified Blackshot LAN tournament in March, Amanzel remained both optimistic and coy about the new team’s prospects.  “The new recruits will be integrated into the existing group of players as we would like them to play and get to know each other before splitting them up into teams for competition,” he explained added that, “the tournament will be a local event (organized) by one of our local clans, so stay tuned for that!”


Fresh recruits can expect to be enlisted into the {Bf.Nub} subdivision, a testing ground in which applicants must prove their mettle and prowess in a series of training sessions.  “It takes time and commitment before than can officially wear the [Bf.Nut] tag,” reminded Amanzal.  “We're currently looking for players who are enthusiastic and passionate about the game and competing, as well as players who are willing to commit their time for training and are willing to learn.”


The offline trials, conducted at the Colosseum, will see the applications split into three different batches that will trial on different dates.  Emphasizing the need to maintain a consistently high level of play, one can only expect the selection process to be tough and comprehensive.  “We will be filtering out as many applicants as we can, according to what we (are) looking for.”


“We will definitely be doing more recruitment in the future when we are ready to expand,” Amanzel promised the many hopefuls he had to turn down, “we are always looking for enthusiastic and passionate players to join us so do keep a lookout in the future!”


If you are excited for [Bf.Nut]’s new Blackshot division, let us know in the comments section below!

For more information on the [Bf.Nut]’s Blackshot recruitment drive head on over to their Facebook fanpage at


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