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FLUFFNSTUFF: “We are all vying to be the best American team.”

Nic on 2013-02-20

FLUFFNSTUFF:  “We are all vying to be the best American team.”

A ‘captain by nature’ is how one would describe this passionate gamer from the United States. Brian Lee, better known as FLUFFNSTUFF, is the captain of the new Team Liquid. He was formerly the captain of Complexity Gaming, one of the 16 teams invited to compete at The International 2 in Seattle last year. In an interview with D2L, FLUFFNSTUFF talks about their Raidcall Dota 2 league run, his time with Team Liquid and the general developments in the DOTA 2 scene.


Clever: It’s been a month or two since Team Liquid picked you guys up. How do you like working with them so far? 

FLUFF: It’s been a pleasure working with all of the Team Liquid staff members and players. They’re all very enthusiastic and supportive. I think some of them play and watch more frequently than some of the players on our team!



Clever: TL’s entire Dota 2 roster had experience playing together as part of compLexity’s team except for Bulba and Korok. How are they assimilating into the team?

FLUFF: Bulba and Korok fit right in. Mike has been really good friends with the both of them and there was only a slight bit of awkwardness in the beginning. As far as team play goes, the addition of Korok and Bulba has offered our team a versatility that was previously unachievable. I feel that it gives our team an edge because of the curve balls we can throw, as opposed to our very standardized compLexity-style drafts and lanes. Korok understands his role very well and I feel that I trust his in-game decision making. Bulba is very thoughtful and considers several different options to impact the game. I really enjoy the new perspectives and they significantly strengthen our core. At this point, it’s all about playing to our strengths and patching up our weaknesses.



Clever: In the D2L, Team Liquid’s record currently stands at 4-3. How do you feel about this record?

FLUFF: We deserved that record. We made a lot of mistakes, didn’t have a clear understanding of our strategies and we didn’t practice.


Clever: If you had to play a Best-of-99 against Empire, what do you think the final score would be?

FLUFF: I honestly don’t know. I’d imagine if it was all in “one day”, then we’d lose all of them after getting tired and losing all momentum. If it were spread out over a week or two, then we’d definitely find our footing and understand how to play their game. It’s the same way with and their scrimming results in China. I asked Brax about it, in person, and he told me that they simply couldn’t win for a long while. Their recent results speak volumes about how work ethic, practice and the proper environment can spur on success


Clever: In recent months, we have seen the emergence of a variety of high-profile Dota 2 rivalries, like the one between No Tidehunter and Evil Geniuses. Who would you consider Team Liquid’s greatest rival?

FLUFF: Our rivalries lie with Dignitas and Evil Geniuses because we are all vying to be the best American team. Performing well and winning against these teams mean a lot to us.


Clever: Are there currently any heroes that, in your view, need to be buffed? If so, which ones, and why?

FLUFF: I find it really questionable that our support heroes are simply solo mid heroes that can get away with having nothing. From patch to patch we see core heroes getting massive buffs and supports like Crystal Maiden/Witch Doctor remaining virtually untouched. A lot of the older core supports are being phased out because their abilities simply aren’t as good. I don’t know how but there has to be a way to make these heroes much more relevant.

For example, one of my favorite heroes, Earthshaker, can hardly hit two effective fissures in one team-fight. Slightly reducing the cool-down of his Fissure would make him much more effective but he received a buff to enchant totem instead (which he hardly lands as a support). On the other hand, a hero like Gyrocopter or Sven can be utilized as a support because their abilities got buffed significantly.


More can be expected from FLUFF and Team Liquid as they are currently competing in multiple online tournaments such as Raidcall DOTA 2 League and The Defense 3.



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