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FPS - Point Blank

MiTH.GlamorousCrazy dominated the PB Thailand Championship 2012!


At BIG Festival 2012, a gaming and eSports festival in Thailand, held in 19-21 October 2012 with the biggest Point Blank tournament of the year, Point Blank Thailand Championship 2012 has finally ended with the famous team of Thailand as the champion, MiTH.GlamorousCrazy 

PBIC 2012: Will Neolution E-Sports continue the Thai's winning spree?


Only one day left to the grand finale of the biggest Point Blank tournament in this year, the Point Blank International Championship 2012, which will kick off this weekend, May 26-27 2012 in Bundung, Indonesia.  

Meet the Point Blank lady team from Thai - Team Neolution E-Sport Girl Point Blank

4010 times Gene on 2012-02-07

They used to be called “Ladymafia”, but in a present day, they move to join in clan Neolution E-Sport with a new name “Neolution E-Sport Girl Point Blank” 

Point Blank Cafe Strike 2011 - Final Result

1900 times RGN on 2011-09-30

In 24th September, every Point Blank Thai player came to "Point Blank Cafe Strike 2011 Presented by Red Bull Extra". It's one of Point Blank’s biggest competitions in Thailand and players have to play their qualifying rounds in internet cafes. That's why they named it "Cafe Strike".


Interview with Glacius, a young Point Blank player from Thailand

2871 times RGN on 2011-07-27

After a couple of years, Thai players have been playing Point Blank and a community was built up. Making e-sports well-known in Thailand. They worked towards pushing some of their top players all the way to the top, among other international Point Blank players. They joined the biggest competition, PB International Championship 2011in South Korea. I was intrigued when I discovered a 14 year old boy in the team’sline-up so I went to find out more about him.

Tips to be a good commander - Pinku

3538 times RGN on 2011-07-16

 A FPS Game such as Point Blank not only needs talented and skillfull players to excel BUT a capablility to command as well

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