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Mushi: “On Valentine’s day, I think I’ll just stay at home”

Nic on 2013-02-13

Mushi: “On Valentine’s day, I think I’ll just stay at home”


Hailed as one of the most effective solo-mid players to ever play the game, Chai Yee Fung “Mushi” is a man with multiple championship titles to his name and a wealth of experience under his belt. This Malaysian superstar isn’t just anybody – he is considered by many to be one of the best players of all time and added another highlight to his impressive career streak during the recently concluded SEA League.


The SEA League maybe over but the fun does not stop here as Rapture Gaming Network was fortunate to have a chat with the ace player of Neolution.Orange, “Mushi”.

RGN: Hi Mushi! First off, how do you feel after sweeping Zenith 3-0 in the finals of the SEA League?
Mushi: I feel quite happy after we won that series, because we really did not expect to win it 3-0!

RGN: What do you think are the key factors that resulted in your victory over Zenith?
Mushi: Train hard and believe wholeheartedly in your team.

RGN: How about with regards to team picks? Any heroes that you didn’t want to give Zenith or vice versa?
Mushi: If Ohaiyo was in the (line-up), (our picks) could have been more diverse because I haven’t played solo mid for quite some time. Also, there (weren’t) any heroes we were planning to pick up per se; we drafted the entire lineup according to how things were going.


RGN: With a great performance from KecikImba, is there a way that the team will retain him in the roster? Tell us more about the player.
Mushi: (With regard to) this question, I think I (had) better keep it (a) secret first. When everything is confirmed, we will announce it then. Yes, he played very well in this tournament and he is very talented (also the youngest competitive player in Malaysia). He knows all the basic skills and what he needs (most) right now is experience.

RGN: Going light, this Chinese New Year? Any New Year’s resolution for Mushi?
Mushi: Every Chinese New Year is quite boring for me and nothing will change this year. I think I will just enjoy the New Year and prepare for upcoming tournaments.

RGN: Speaking of that, what upcoming tournaments can your fans expect you to compete in?
Mushi: All the tournaments that we are able to join! We also will try our best to participate and win small tournaments where possible.

RGN: Talk about the partnership with Neolution.
Mushi: We are very happy that Orange can be partners with Neolution. I know the entire Neolution Thai team very well and am also good friends with Mr. Satean from Neolution’s management. For this SEA league (at least), I guess we did not disappoint our new sponsors. 

RGN: Valentine’s Day is on the 14th - any plans to date for Mushi? 
Mushi: I think I will just stay at home. Unfortunately, my girlfriend is in the Philippines.

RGN: By the way, with rumours of you and Yamateh having some personal dispute going around, do you mind commenting about it?
Mushi: What I can say is that I don’t hate him and I didn’t do anything bad to him. And I also hope (that) we can talk about this (and work things out).


RGN: How did it feel after defeating your former teammates (Ice and Yamateh) so soon after their switch?
Mushi: Nothing special about that victory in particular because who we (defeated) in the finals was Team Zenith and not just Yamateh or Ice.


RGN: This question is about “Winter” – The Armageddon tournament is upcoming, do you think your former teammate can win this one? Have you seen them in practice?
Mushi: We (have not) seen them practice before, but I believe that his team can win the tournament.

RGN: That’s, almost it. Any final words to your fans?
Mush: Thanks to all the fans and sponsors who have kept on supporting me, I want to wish everyone a belated Chinese New Year!

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