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Videos - Players

Meet the Pro Gamer: Fnatic.N0tail

143 times Blobby on 2013-10-10

A video with two interviewers from AFK gaming having a talk with Fnatic.N0tail.

WPC-ACE 2013: Interview with RStars.Sylar and LGD.xiao8

434 times Yennan on 2013-10-06

Checkout this post-match interview with RStars.Sylar and LGD.xiao8 during the WPC-ACE 2013.

Admiral Bulldog and Xyclopz Compilation

611 times Yennan on 2013-10-02

Checkout this cool compilation of Alliance's Admiral Bulldog playing caster Xyclopz.

XBOCT in a Nutshell

388 times Yennan on 2013-10-02

Check out this video compilation about XBOCT himself during interviews and amongst fellow players and friends.

EGM streams with Blitz, Godz, and Idra

547 times Yennan on 2013-08-25

Take a look at Alliance's EGM streaming with Blitz, Godz and Idra.

An Interview with Fnatic's Trixi @The International 3

427 times Yennan on 2013-08-04

Checkout this interview fresh from TI3's Day One Group stage with Fnatic's Trixi.

A soldier's death...

930 times Michael on 2013-08-02

A saddening video about a noble DOTA 2 hero who sacrificed himself for his ally.

Na`Vi's Dendi playing as Meepo

1549 times Yennan on 2013-08-01

A feature video of Dendi playing as Meepo

DotA2 Pro Series: KuroKy - Best Plays

663 times Yennan on 2013-07-22

Checkout this "best plays" compilation for Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi of Na'Vi.

DM MCZ Xian interview by HBTB

615 times ZS on 2013-07-17
xian banner_20130716113606.png

HoldBackToBlock interviews with EVO2013 Street Fighter IV Champion, DM MCZ Xian.

Click to watch the video.

DOTA 2 Fails of the week episode 54

573 times Michael on 2013-05-29

More DOTA 2 fails coming to you! Episode 54 guarantees you as much laughter as the previous episodes!

DOTA 2 Symphony of skills - Episode 18

535 times Michael on 2013-05-27

DotaCinema is back with this week's 18th edition of the 'Symphony of Skills'. This series features public players sync up to completely wipe-out their opponents.

Na'Vi Funn1k - Sniper volume 1

806 times Michael on 2013-05-23

UKRAINENatus Vincere released UKRAINEFunn1k's video compilation of himself playing as a sniper in public matchmaking games! 

DOTA 2 Fails of the week episode 53

629 times Michael on 2013-05-23

Yet another episode of the 'Fails of the week' by DotaCinema! In thie 53rd edition, you'll get to see alot of heroes missing out simple kills & sabotage by their allies!

DOTA 2 Headshot v21.0

608 times Michael on 2013-05-21

DotaCinema brings you another weekly episode of the Headshot v21.0 series! In this episode, we get to see alot of precise (or lucky) kills towards invisible opponents. 

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