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Heroes of The Storm

479 times RollsRoyce on 2013-11-09

Blizzard's most anticipated MOBA series announced!

Blizzard rolls out Patch 2.0.10 for StarCraft 2

756 times Reuben Soh on 2013-07-30
SC2 1_20130730012107.png

UI changes, replay additions, increased color blind friendliness with few to none balance tweaks.

StarCraft 2 celebrates it's Third Year Anniversary

489 times Yennan on 2013-07-25

StarCraft 2 celebrates it's third year anniversary, along with some in-game goodies and art

Sneak Peek at the new Blizzard Battlenet Desktop App

631 times Yennan on 2013-07-23

Take a look at the new Desktop App from Blizzard, currently in it's beta stage

ESL TV signs Apollo

683 times Avarice on 2013-06-23

Shaun "Apollo" Clark has officially been signed on to ESL TV as a commentator!

Prime readjusts roster

1787 times Avarice on 2013-06-23

Prime makes some changes to their SC2 roster with some new recruits!

IEM Shanghai - The details

541 times Avarice on 2013-06-21

Intel Extreme Masters Season VIII looms on the horizon of New York and Shanghai, their latest Global Esport stops. Details and more here!

New Patch - Warp Prism Buff!

556 times Avarice on 2013-06-21

Cower in fear, the Protoss are getting buffed again. Todays subject: The Warp Prism.

Starcraft2 Pro-Stream Statistics

936 times Avarice on 2013-06-05

The Team Liquid Forums have once again sprung up another statistical gem, this time tackling the issue of progamer stream numbers.

VortiX and Lucifron join mousesports

575 times Avarice on 2013-06-02

Mousesports have announced the additions of fraternal duo Pedro "LucifroN" Moreno Duran and Juan "VortiX" Moreno Duran to their SC2 roster.

SeleCT returns to SC2 - GM in a Week

904 times Avarice on 2013-06-02

Only 6 days from his return to Starcraft2, Kyung Hyun "SeleCT" Ryoo has just been promoted to Starcraft2's Grandmaster League, citing him as one of the top players in the Korean Server.

Comeback 101: Soulkey wins GSL Finals 4-3

699 times Avarice on 2013-06-01

In what can be considered the greatest upset of the GSL this year, Woongjin_Soulkey wins the Code S Finals against STX_Innovation after winning a solid 4 games in a row after reeling from a 3-game losing streak against the veteran Terran.


Evil Geniuses releases Greg "IdrA" Fields

1377 times Avarice on 2013-05-10
A twitter post by Evil Geniuses CEO Alexander Garfield has announced the release of Greg "IdrA" Fields from their Starcraft 2 Roster, signalling the end of his 3-year run with the organization.

HotS Season 3: Map Pool Changes!

1011 times Arvin on 2013-05-06

Blizzard has recently announced new map pools for the new season. Find out what we think about them

Flash.Blysk takes StarCraftII Vengeance Cup Singapore Qualifier #2

821 times RGN on 2013-05-05

32 players gathered at E2Max, Cineleisure, Singapore today to play out the Blizzard's StarCraftII Vengeance Cup Qualifiers #2.

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