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EternaLenVy: “I’ll try my best to get better and perhaps join a new team”

Nic on 2013-02-25

EternaLenVy: “I’ll try my best to get better and perhaps join a new team”


It has been revealed that Jacky ‘EternaLenVy’ Mao, former captain of NoTidehunter was kicked from the team to form, as Loda put it, “an all-Swedish team”. Just couple of days ago, the whole DOTA 2 community was shocked to hear about the departure of EternaLenVy, especially since the group was starting to pick up again after their slump following a superb showing at DreamHack Winter that resulted in a championship. 


Photo from GosuGamers


Two key personalities in the team were EternaLenVy and veteran carry, Loda. These two players are both known to have an aggressive approach with regard to competitive gaming. So when these two personalities collided in their quest to attain better results for NTh, the subsequent fallout was EternaLenVy’s departure.


According to sources, Loda initiated a talk with S4, Akke and AdmiralBulldog about the plan of removing EternaLenVy from the team to make a better run with an all-Swedish lineup. Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg himself confirmed that the main factor for this decision was team communication and synergy.



“We decided that we believe more in an all Swedish team and that has to do with language but with synergy”.


Joakim “Akke” Akterhall later released his own statement saying that it was hard for him to choose between Loda and EternaLenVy but what counted was that Loda had a better perspective of what was good for the team.


“I said that I’ve never played with someone who was as good when it comes to the synergy of the 2 support players but Loda has a very clear thought of what’s best for the team”.


In a long and exhaustive blog release by EternaLenVy shortly after, he admitted that he was “pissed” in the end but also proud that Loda had the courage to come out as the bad guy and initiate his dismissal for the benefit of the team.


“A lot of people are putting a lot of blame on Loda but even though he initiated this change, in the end it was a team decision. He has the (guts) to come out as the bad guy and tell me even though we had our differences and I give props to that”.


Lastly, EternaLenVy thanked Akke for his kindness even though they were not going to be in the same team anymore. The future is uncertain for EternaLenVy but he confirmed in a statement that he will not stop his quest to play at “The International” and will soon be looking to join a new team.


“My future for DOTA isn’t very clear right now but I haven’t given hope yet and I’m not going to take a break either. I’ll try my best to get better and perhaps to join a new team”.


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