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iZONE GIGABYTE victorious in the first leg of GMPGL 2013

Hamodi on 2013-01-28

The first leg of the Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League has finally concluded and it was indeed an exciting experience for the teams from the Philippines. At the end of the competition a champion was crowned and iZONE GIGABYTE did not disappoint as they were one of the favourites.



iZONE GIGABYTE faced Dmokafarm, a provincial team from Cagayan De Oro that showed great skill and determination, in the finals. Dmokafarm defeated Pacific.eMaxx in the losers’ bracket to progress to the finals. Although iZONE GIGABYTE had the advantage of progressing from the winners’ bracket and had the advantage, they did not need it as they managed to defeat Dmokafarm in game 1 with an interesting Faceless Void pick on their side.


The top 6 teams of the Class S division namely iZONE GIGABYTE, Dmokafarm, Pacific.eMaxx, Noypi, Ledion Rae and Pacific.Revitalize will remain in this division while the bottom two teams, Skyville and Hailey’s Gounds will drop into the Class B division where they will be battle to regain their spots in Class S.



1st – iZONE GIGABYTE – P15,000
2nd – Dmokafarm – P5,000
3rd – Noypi – P4,000
4th – Ledion Rae – P3,000
5-8th – Pacific.eMaxx – P1,500
5-8th – Pacific.Revitalize - P1,500
5-8th – Skyville - P1,500
5-8th - Hailey’s Gounds – P1,500



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