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Million Dollar Call of Duty Championship 2013

1470 times RGN on 2013-04-07

Hollywood is the venue as the top 32 Call of Duty (COD) teams in the world are currently shooting it out to win from a US$1,000,000 prize pool. 

GIGABYTE E-Sports Tournament Recap


GEST (GIGABYTE E-Sports Tournament) is the match that held by GIGABYTE, one of the tops PC hardware brand in the world. The match brings the rookie or newbie in the real tournament in order to find the 16 best teams from each regions of Thailand and compete with each others in 27 May to find out that “Who is the best rookie team of Thailand!" 

Alone by Xig_Ma ruled the South and West qualifier of A.V.A @cafe Tournament 2012


Previously, we had had the champions from the North and Northeast, 1st GIGABYTE and tAf. This time we congratulate the champion from the South and West part that just held on 12 May 2012, Alone by Xig-Ma! 

A.V.A CGN Match: Neolution E-Sports .rOG heads down to the A.V.A. Thailand Championship


The A.V.A CGN Match is over, and right now we have the winner of this competition, congratulations Neolution E-Sports.rOG! 

1st GIGABYTE claimed the champion title of A.V.A @cafe tournament 2012 Northeast Qualifier


A.V.A. @cafe tournament, one of the side tournaments of the A.V.A Thai Championship, has approached the ending phase. 

Team Azures: ''Our biggest dream is to play at IeSF 2012''

1531 times Gene on 2012-04-13

Today, we want to present to you a team from Australia. I’m so surprise when I found out a team leader is just 16 years old, but he has a big dream to go to IeSF 2012. However, no one gives him a chance because A.V.A. is still not popular enough in Australia. So we hope via the interview, you will know more about a young A.V.A. community in Australia.  

Team WaW.Ttesports: The Vietnamese A.V.A community should be more united

2031 times Minh Duc on 2012-04-11

Established to play Special Force, FPS online game established by FPT. After FPT had shut down Special Force, WaW determined to switch to the new FPS title named A.V.A and got a lot of achievements. During that time, WaW took attention from Ttesports sponsor. 

MiTH.Jinny: The Sniper Girl

3675 times Gene on 2012-02-21

Today, we proudly present an interview with the hottest one among Thai lady gamers and you also known her as ‘JinNy’ of MiTH. Let’s go to our conversation with JinNy! 

Team Real Original Gaming (rOG.)

2547 times RGN on 2011-09-26

As everyone knows, Thais are always on the lookout for brand new MMOFPS Alliance of Valiant Arms (aka A.V.A.) teams from Point Blank, Soldier Front and Sudden Attack. So today we would like to present a dark-horse team who can beat up strong teams in Thailand and grab the championship. Let's talk about Real Original Gaming (as known as rOG.) 

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