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Bdiz: "There’s always something you should be doing as a support."

Warturtle on 2013-02-25

Bdiz: "There’s always something you should be doing as a support."



Evil Geniuses recently interviewed their own support player Bdiz where he spoke about what playing a support role meant to him, as well as the recent changes which have taken place in the meta-game.


Speaking about playing as a support hero while playing solo matchmaking, Bdiz pointed out that “it’s difficult to win a game even if you have managed to dominate your lane and have great map vision since DOTA is a team game. Hence, it’s best to play a support hero while playing with a five man stack or with a team.” Adding on to that, he later stated that casters nowadays are beginning to recognize the importance of a support role while casting competitive games, which was something he felt positive about.


Another dimension to playing a support was positioning. Bdiz revealed that positioning is very important for a support hero since a support hero should position himself in such a way that “his team could make the maximum use of his support inventory rather than (allowing the) enemy team (to pick) up the support hero first in a team-fight”.


Furthermore, Bdiz felt that “there is always something which can be done while playing a support hero. A support hero can either farm a few of the required items for his team in jungle or stack ancients for his team or take a look at the opponents moves and assess them for the upcoming team-fights.” The only way to develop as a good support hero, according to Bdiz, was to watch the replays of top notch support players.


EG have produced promising results in their recent competitive matches - the credit, of course, should go to their support players as well. With his self-assessment tendencies and constant effort to improve, Bdiz has shown himself to be a crucial factor in EG’s recent success. Check out the full interview by Evil Geniuses below.



Bdiz Interview:


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  1. gravatar

    Total respect for Bdiz. What he say is true but part of it derived from the early steps of DotA 1 where of course positioning and personal skills is the factor to a team. I myself played support role and I know how much the professionals dedicate their minimal mistake to ensure their win and it's not called "feed" for some reason. :P

    Owh in a way your sacrifice could mean something in any professional gaming team's battle and get that winning for your supports and life taken out! That is what I thought but supporters who can farm core items definitely can go for semi-carries but never hard carries.

    Hard carries require tremendous effort of last hitting , denies somehow and also to build the core item as fast as possible to outwit your opponent. Smart supporters will eventually die less and contribute in most teamfights!

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