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Luminous: “In today's meta-game, more than half the heroes are playable”

Warturtle on 2013-02-24

Luminous: “In today's meta-game, more than half the heroes are playable”


Photo by: TeamLiquid


Luminous is a famous personality in the DOTA community and had a unique show, which was called the DOTA Weekly Show, on his Youtube channel back when most European teams were still playing DOTA 1. It featured weekly news from around the DOTA scene including a segment of the show dedicated entirely to mechanics. It was because of this segment that he was later referred to by his fans as the ‘master of mechanics’.


Gosugamers interviewed Luminous, who stated that the reason for his recent inactivity was due to the fact that his daily schedule had been “very tight” since The International and that “most tournaments nowadays are scheduled around the odd morning hours as per [his] time-zone”.


Unfortunately for his fans, Luminous revealed that the DOTA Weekly Show will probably not return in its original form since he has lost interest in creating shows when similar VODs related to DOTA 2 have sprung up within the community. However, he promised that he would be working on casting replays and creating video guides for heroes in the near future.



Speaking about The International 2, Luminous said that “it was a very pleasant experience” for him working with the entire staff at the event but he felt that a more flexible schedule (like an additional match day) would make the tournament much easier on the part of both the staff as well as the players. “Events like International 2 should take place at regular intervals since this helps the teams to maintain the motivation to keep up their hard training schedule” insisted Luminous, whereas the International only happens once a year.


For more information on Luminous, the entire interview by GosuGamers can be found in the link provided below along with his hero guides on his Youtube channel.




Luminous Interview on Gosugamers:

Hero Guides by Luminous:


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