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The GD Show #30

Warturtle on 2013-02-14

The GD Show #30



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The GD Show #30 for the Dota 2 section began with a new member joining the crew and he was none other than Statsman Bruno himself. This week’s series continued to cover a bunch of Dota 2 exclusive news related to tournaments, player swaps, as well as team disbands.


The show for the Dota 2 section began with news of NoTidehunter moving together to their team house in Sweden. The GD panel also did an appreciation segment for the Dota 2 community in return for their support of BeyondTheSummit in helping them set up their new studio in Los Angeles.


ESLTV’s pickup of Kawa as their official InHouse Dota 2 commentator was also discussed on the show. The show then moved on to talk about the roster change of Absolute Legends and N9 announcing their end in the competitive Dota. Arguably the highlight of the Dota 2 show this week, however, was a new segment by the GD show at the end entitled ‘Stats with Bruno’.


To find out what it was all about, do check out the GD Show #30 as it contains all the necessary information for those who were not able to be in touch with the Dota 2 scene during the past week, and stay tuned for next week’s edition of the much anticipated series.


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