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GosuCup Asia V

Warturtle on 2013-02-24

GosuCup Asia V



GosuCup Asia V had a good turn out on Day 1 with around 225 teams turning up for this action packed event for teams in the SEA region. This edition included a few well known teams such as Neolution.Orange, NeoES.Int, NeoES.Th and First Departure amongst others.


During Day 1 of GosuCup Asia, all four teams under Neolution (Orange, Pacific, NeoES.Int, NeoES.Th) progressed through Round 4 and onto Round 5 with ease. Apart from these teams, Mith.Trust, First Departure, Mineski Hyper X and TI9 Champs were also able to progress on Day 1.


On the other hand, a few big names had to face defeat on the first day of the tournament. Oblique Gaming (formerly known as Elunes) had to forfeit their game in Round 4 due to power outage issues while FTFC were defeated by FCPH in Round 3. 1ST.VN too had to end their journey in the third round of this tournament as they were defeated by ClanOb in Round 4.


As a result, only 16 teams remain and out of these teams, Neolution.Orange is probably the favourite to grab this championship once more with their experienced line-up which includes their new addition, Kecik Imba.


The top 16 teams from GousCup Asia V to be seen in action today are as follow:












Clan Ob

Minseki HyperX




TI9 Champs


Stay tuned for Day 2 as we will be updating you with live action from our very own GosuCup Asia V live-stream brought to you by our caster PEWPEW.



GosuCup AsiaIV:

PEWPEW Stream Link:


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