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A quick chat with VP’s “Crazy”

Nic on 2013-02-26

A quick chat with VP’s “Crazy”



When you talk about consistency, this team would probably be one of the first candidates that come to mind. Having competed in multiple tournaments and being able to emerge as one of the top tier teams in Europe is a feat that team Virtus Pro has certainly accomplished. One of their prized assets include their solo-mid player Oleg “Crazy” Kolesnichenko.


When asked about the recent popularity of VP, Crazy answered that they have already found their own kind of play style which resulted from the way they played public matches in the past. Crazy also tackled questions about the training and analysis of each of their games, where he stated that “time is really not friendly with regard to training, what they do is to make the mainstream picks work (with their) style of (play)”. 


He added that VP, like most teams, is primarily aiming to receive an invite to The International 3 in Seattle. Acknowledging the dominance of the Chinese teams, Crazy let on that practice will soon pick up in the coming months as we close in towards The International 3.


Catch the Russian team in action as they are currently competing in StarLadder Season 5, a tournament that Crazy himself acknowledged as a ‘top priority’ for his team.


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