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Meet RGN Vietnam’s new shout-caster - Truong Minh "Toni" Tri

Kitara on 2013-02-19

Meet RGN Vietnam’s new shout-caster - Truong Minh "Toni" Tri


Being an eSports shout-caster is a relatively new job today and particularly so in Vietnam. However, we cannot deny their impact especially in tournaments today. Without the interesting and analytical commentary that these shout-casters provide, you would hardly feel engaged and excited by each of the games alone. Today, Rapture Gaming Network is so proud to introduce another young and energetic shout-caster to the Dota 2 community- "Toni" Truong Minh Tri.



Personal information

Full name: Truong Minh Tri

Nickname: Toni

Age: 19

Address: Ho Chi Minh City


Toni is also known within the competitive community in Vietnam whilst playing for Q9 Gaming and decided to become a shout-caster at age 19. Although he is just starting out as a shout-caster, most viewers have already given him the thumbs up from their positive feedback on RaptureVN’s Twitch channel.


Toni has played various games since his youth including StarCraft, WarCraft III, DDay in addition to DOTA2 and says that his family is very supportive of his work as a shout-caster as long as he continues to do well in school.


So look out for the shout-cast tag-team of PewPew and Toni as they look to replicate the achievements of Tasteless & Artosis within the StarCraft 2 community.


Toni's fan-page:

Personal Facebook:



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