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2GB patch by Dota 2: What did the pros do?

RGN on 2013-02-02

2GB patch by Dota 2: What did the pros do?


This week’s patch for Dota 2 is one of the biggest updates ever encountered by the players. If you have a super slow internet connection, then you might be thinking of other ways to burn some time while waiting for the patch to complete.


Fortunately for those with a stable connection, reading just one article on will do just fine and patch download completed. RGN went about getting some quick reflections from different pro-players on the things that they did while waiting for the patch download to finish.


First on our list are the Singapore-based stars, IceIceIce of Zenith and NinjaBoogie of Neolution International. For Daryl Koh Pei Xiang, better known as IceIceIce, he recounted that he simply “drank a cup of apple juice” while waiting for the 2GB update to finish. For NinjaBoogie, it was not a problem either, as both he completed the update in roughly 3-5 minutes. That’s Singapore at its best!

IceIceIce of Zenith

Next up were MiTH’s Thaa and Invasion.Gigabyte’s FzFz. Both players spent some time watching their favourite movie and anime respectively, Thai comedy ‘Oh my ghost’ for Thaa and One Piece for FzFz. FzFz waited over an hour while Thaa managed to watch half his movie, because his update only took thirty minutes.


Ohaiyo of Neolution.Orange had his own version of waiting for the long update this week by going back to his hometown to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with his family and wait for the download to finish.

Ohaiyo of Neo.Orange

Former Invasion captain SheGG and Tushey of Fulltilt took much longer than expected to complete the download and decided to revisit their first loves, playing WarCraft 3 Dota and League of Legends respectively, as they took over two hours to finish the download.


As for the rest of our readers, you can always check out Rapture Gaming Network’s Youtube channel and have a look at the videos, while waiting for updates to be downloaded.


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