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Eizo Cup announced

Hamodi on 2013-02-22

Eizo Cup announced



The recently announced EIZO CUP is a monthly DOTA 2 tournament series that will feature 16 teams, with 8 invited teams and 8 slots selected via qualifiers.


Each month, 8 teams will be invited to participate in the tournament although the list of invited teams could change, in subsequent seasons, based on the their performances. The first qualifiers will kick off 25 February with 512 available slots and will be a best-of-one single elimination format.


The main tournament will be held from 27-28 February, a day after the conclusion of the open qualifier. All matches will be a best-of-three series while the grand finals will be best-of-five. More information about the main event can be found below.



1st Place – € 1,250 ($1,650~)

2nd Place - €500 ($660~)



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