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Huynh Duc ' FEROX ' Anh Huy: "Competing in 1.6 might be the best thing."

Poriishan on 2013-02-25

Huynh Duc ' FEROX ' Anh Huy: "Competing in 1.6 might be the best thing."



Hi Huy, glad to be able to talk to you today. Can you tell us something about yourself?

Hi RGN. Hi readers. My name is Huynh Duc Anh Huy, 22 years old. I am studying in SIM University, Singapore. I used to compete in Counter Strike 1.6 as the leader of Team 2 Hivo (now known as Rendezvous)


How did you start playing Counter Strike and how long have you been playing Counter Strike?

I first started a long time ago, when my friends asked me to try the game at a LAN shop near my school. That was when I was in third grade. Like other students, we played to relax but gradually I fell in love with Counter Strike and it has been more than 8 years since.


What is it about Counter Strike that attracted you as such?

Counter Strike requires team spirit, strategy as well as personal skills. It requires the right balance of these three factors in order to succeed. You cannot ignore or be lacking in any one of these factors if you want to win.


Have you tried the latest version Counter Strike: Global Offensive? How do you feel about it?

I think CS:GO is totally new compared to CS 1.6 in terms of movement, the recoil of the gun, in-game economy, new weapons, amongst other changes. I played CS:GO a lot when it was released and I feel that it is difficult for CS:GO to replace CS 1.6, especially in terms of movement and bonus money. I doubt that CS:GO will go on to become a successful competition game like CS 1.6.


After the introduction of CS:GO, the global Counter Strike community has turned to CS:GO. However in Vietnam, this has not been the case. What do you think is the reason?

I think there are many reasons. Firstly, the Counter Strike community is not as strong as before as the previous generation of players, who were more enthusiastic, left. Secondly, CS:GO is not a free game and many players do not want to spend money on it. Thirdly, the required PC specifications for CS:GO are quite high compared to CS 1.6 even if you want to play with standard settings.


Huy in a visit to Japan



Do you have any unforgettable memories with CS 1.6?

There are a lot but the most unforgettable one is when our team, Rendezvous, beat 1st.Vietkieu in the final at Gameshow 2008. Another is the match with 1st.POH in iGame Spring some time ago. At that time, 1st.POH was very strong in terms of skill and was very experienced, so I could not believe that we won on the map de_nuke. Thanks to CS 1.6, I got to know a lot of friends and teammates. The time I competed in CS 1.6 was probably the best time I have ever had.


Does your girlfriend support you when it comes to playing games? Does she know anything about Counter Strike?

Yes, my girlfriend always supports me in everything I do. Luckily, we both like games. She plays CS pretty well as well as other games on the Xbox.


Do you have any other hobbies and activities besides CS?

I go to the gym every week and since I got to know my girlfriend, she shared her love of playing games on the Xbox and Playstation to me. I also like exploring and learning Japanese culture.


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