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Oblique Gaming march on into the final 8 uncontested

Nic on 2013-02-13

Oblique Gaming march on into the final 8 uncontested



Armageddon Dota 2 Grand Slam Asia 2013, a tournament that aims to bring out the best unsigned teams in the South East Asian region, is nearing its final stretch. Multiple qualifiers have already been completed and one of the remaining qualifiers still ongoing is the Rest of Asia division.


In this qualifier, teams from countries such as India got a chance to compete for a slot in the Grand Slam Asia 2013 championships that will be held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore.


At this stage, one of the highlights of the qualifier was Team Oblique Gaming from India. Having represented India at ‘The Asia’ Grand Finals last December, this team is currently showing great potential and dominated their bracket up till the round of 8.


Last night, they dismantled one of the top 16 teams in qualifier, Matsuri. The team from India has a unique style of play, sometimes opting to go with full mid-carry heroes such as Templar Assassin and at other times relying on team-fight oriented mid heroes like Brewmaster. In the matchup against Matsuri, it was a different story as their support duo of Lina and Shadow Demon was able to roam around the map picking off all the heroes on the Matsuri lineup (even the tanky Batrider). It was an easy victory for Oblique Gaming as they move on to the top 8 bracket uncontested.



They will battle E-Magic tomorrow for a shot at the final 4. Other teams that were able to make it through to the next round are FUBAR, infamous, Double Trouble, Ate Gaming Dota, MeW. All of these teams are aiming for the same goal; that is to secure a spot at the Grand Slam Asia 2013 Finals in Singapore.


More information, including the qualifier brackets are available here:


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