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LGD Pajkatt Int. “We like to punish stupidity”

Nic on 2013-02-22

LGD Pajkatt Int. “We like to punish stupidity”



As we count down to the much anticipated grand finals of G-League, the guys from “The GD Studio” had a chance to personally interview one of the most well-known European carry players in the DOTA 2 scene,’s Pers Anders “Pajkatt” Olsson.


Pajkatt has been around the DOTA 2 scene for quite some time, playing in multiple big events such as “The International 2” where he was then the captain of team CLG. The team placed ‘badly’ according to Pajkatt and following The International 2, he realized that he needed ‘more from his existing training conditions’. This motivated him to come up with a plan of approaching LGD about forming an international team – as it turned out, the organization themselves were already looking to set up an international squad.


After further discussion, Pajkatt was able to recruit God, 1437, Brax, and Misery to form LGD.International. In their first few weeks playing in China, Pajkatt revealed that they managed to initially dominate the rest of the Chinese teams before they were ‘figured out’. From then on, they were brutally demolished in training (he even pointed out that his team once went 0-9 in scrims in a single match day) until they managed to find out what worked for them as a team. 


Pajkatt later stated that Chinese competition is “really one of the best as the Chinese are really focused and have structure, things which are missing in the European players”. Initially, he revealed that he had gauged LGD.International to be one of the top 4/5 best teams together with TongFu, Invictus Gaming, LGD China, and DK. However, the captain of LGD.International boldly claims that his team is currently one of the top 2 teams in China.


The other top team is of course Invictus Gaming, who they will face in the Grand Finals of G-League at the Mercedes Benz Arena in China for the first place cash prize of $32,000 USD. Pajkatt and his team will be back in China from 26 February onwards to prepare for G-League, a matchup on 9 March that you do not want to miss. 


Mercedes Benz Arena, the venue of iG vs. LGD.International G-League Finals.




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