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Team Liquid wins €2,000 Bigpoint Battle

Hamodi on 2013-02-26

Team Liquid wins2,000 Bigpoint Battle



Team Liquid has won the first ever Bigpoint Battle after defeating Mousesports, in the best-of-three Grand Finals, with a score of 2:0 to take home the €1,500 cash prize. Mousesports walked away with €500 in cash.


Both teams cruised through the tournament until the semi-finals where Mousesports dropped their first game against KP and Team Liquid did the same against Fnatic. Team Liquid and Mousesports, however, eventually fought their way back to both take their respective series’ 2-1 and book their slots in the Grand Finals.


In the Grand Finals, Team Liquid continued their fifteen match winning streak by handily dispatching Mousesports with dominating performances in both games. In Game 1, Team Liquid’s Queen of Pain and Wisp punished Trixi’s Weaver in the lane, completely shutting him down, while Team Liquid’s Naix was still able to help the team out after farming his core items in the middle lane against Beastmaster. The gold and experience lead was too huge and Mousesports eventually called ‘GG’ after 30 minutes of play. 



The story in game 2 was no different as Team Liquid dominated once again, capitalizing on Mousesports’ predictability in the laning phase due to the Lycanthrope pick. Team Liquid were able to completely shut down every lane and then finish off their opponents in just over 20 minutes to secure first place and take home the €1,500 cash prize.



1st – Team Liquid - €1,500

2nd – Mousesports - €500


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