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Videos - General

Super Dota Fighter Alpha

361 times ze on 2013-12-07

Are you a Street Fighter fan? Watch Ursa duke it out with Doom, Street Fighter style!

Navi VS. Poseidon: Game 2

351 times Blobby on 2013-10-11

Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) Versus Po5eidon (Poseidon) in an epic match.

How to Kill with Pudge

307 times Blobby on 2013-10-11

Epic skills and attacks with Pudge.

An Uproar of DOTA Fans

526 times Blobby on 2013-10-10

DOTA fans troll/flashmob a LOL tournament.

Epic Rosh Fight: Vici Gaming vs Tongfu

317 times Blobby on 2013-10-10

A video with two teams battling it out during a Rosh fight.

DotA 2 Moments - Naga Siren's Got Talent

337 times Yennan on 2013-10-06

Check out this funny banter between teams as the Shadow Shaman complains the entire game about Naga Siren.

Trolls on all communities are a problem -- here's how to solve it

368 times Yennan on 2013-10-05

PBS Game/Show made a cool and interesting video highlighting the community aspect of the MOBA Genre, specifically Leage of Legends. 

Got the moves like Rubick!

637 times Yennan on 2013-09-14

Rubick's got the moves in this funky little awesome video.

Dota 2 Facepalms - Too Cold for Me!

326 times Jtan on 2013-08-09

Dota 2 Facepalms - Too Cold for Me!

Dota 2 Facepalms - Rage First Blood

551 times Jtan on 2013-08-05

Dota 2 Facepalms - Rage First Blood

Dota 2 Facepalms - Run Furion Run

371 times Jtan on 2013-08-04

Dota 2 Facepalms - Run Furion Run

"Father of Dragons" Evolving Set for Dragon Knight

1956 times Yennan on 2013-08-02

The Premier League has released a video for the "Father of Dragons" Evolving set for Dragon Knight. It will be available for purchase by mid August.

Dota 2 Facepalms - Furion Will Handle This

428 times Jtan on 2013-08-01

Dota 2 Facepalms - Furion Will Handle This

DOTA 2 Moments - Blinding Hill

567 times Jtan on 2013-07-24

DOTA 2 Moments - Blinding Hill

Sneak Peek at the new Blizzard Battlenet Desktop App

636 times Yennan on 2013-07-23

Take a look at the new Desktop App from Blizzard, currently in it's beta stage

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