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Neolution.Orange sweeps Zenith 3-0

Nic on 2013-02-09

Neolution.Orange sweeps Zenith 3-0



After days of intense online battle, the SEA League finally found their champion in Neolution.Orange. With Mushi leading the team, they swept Zenith 3-0 to claim the tournament title.


The much anticipated finals series between Neolution.Orange and Zenith turned out to be shockingly one-sided. Even a win for Neolution.Orange would have been considered a minor upset not to mention a 3-0 sweep.  In this final series, the majority of viewers were clearing rooting for IceIceIce and Zenith to win the title based of their splendid run in the tournament. Moreover, Neolution.Orange were missing key player Ohaiyo, who was absent as he was back home celebrating the Chinese New Year with his family. 


Neolution.Orange with “Kecik Imba”


Taking Ohaiyo’s spot was “Kecik Imba”, who made things confusing for viewers when he took on the hard carry role instead of Mushi, who instead took on the mid-lane role.


Neolution.Orange just outplayed and took Zenith out of their comfort zone in the first two games. Mushi, with his queen of pain in both games took charge to lead Orange to victory in both games. In game three, Zenith opted to go with a ‘Team Clash’ oriented line-up by picking up Magnus, Enigma, and Naga Siren. It seemed to work early in the game with Zenith managing multiple ganks and showing better coordination all round.


However, being the veteran team that they are, Xtinct and Orange decided to split push to avoid those massive team fights against Zenith and as a result, all their carries, Luna, Lone Druid, and Mushi’s Leshrac turned the tide on Zenith to claim the SEA League title. 


Leshrac, Lone Druid, Luna all farmed for Neolution.Orange


With the win, Neolution.Orange took home $800, Zenith received $500 for finishing runners-up and Neolution.International had to settle for $200 with their third place finish. This tournament also showed how Neolution e-Sports is stepping up the presence in the competitive scene with Neolution.Thailand also making it to the quarter-finals.

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