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Vigoss departs from el’Pride

Warturtle on 2013-02-17

Vigoss departs from el’Pride



Following the departure of el’Pride manager Dmitrii “Inmate” Filinov from the team, el’Pride member and legendary player Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev has announced that he will be leaving the team as well.


This announcement came not only as a surprise to followers of el’Pride but to Vigoss’ own teammates as well. In order to fill the gap left by Vigoss, the team will pick up Aydash ‘Aidash’ Tumat as a temporary fifth player as they compete in StarLadder Season 5.


While the loss of Vigoss is a huge blow to the team’s performance at StarLadder, be sure to catch them in action as they fare against the likes of Na`Vi and Virtus Pro at the popular European tournament.


el’Pride Roster :

Andrew “androidP” Pishikov

Leonard “Massacre” Urih

Alexander “Stalk” Melder

Eugen “XaKoH” Kochetkov

Aydash “Aidash” Tumat (temporary replacement)


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