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Mr. Swish and Sel to join Pacific Neolution

Nic on 2013-02-09

Mr. Swish and Sel to join Pacific Neolution


Rapture Gaming Network had a chat with Neolution Captain, Ejhay “|KRR” Santos confirming that former duskbin player “Mr. Swish” and the mineski veteran “Sel” will be joining Pacific.Neolution Philippines.


After standing-in for different teams at multiple tournaments, former Duskbin carry Mr. Swish and Mineski support Sel have found a new home in Pacific.Neolution.



Mr.Swish and Sel both in the left side together with their former team, Mineski.


This move by the team filled out the missing slots that were left vacant by their former players “C2” and “Marlon”. So the final roster for Pacific Neolution will consist of captain, KRR, members Nico, Lenin, and Mr. Swish and Sel. According to their captain, the addition of these two veterans will bring much needed stability to the team.


Statistics gathered from Dota-Academy list the signature heroes of Mr. Swish as Invoker, Queen of Pain, and Night Stalker. The addition of Mr. Swish will strengthen the lineup of Pacific.Neolution with an experienced solo mid and carry player able to compete with big names in the SEA competitive scene such as Invasion’s Fzfz and Neolution.Orange’sOhaiyo.


The addition of support player Sel needs no introduction, as he has already established himself in the Filipino Dota 2 scene, having played for teams such as Mineski and MSIEvoGT in the early stages of his career.


According to Pacific.Neolution captain KRR, it will not take long before fans are able to catch the new line-up in action as they have confirmed their participation at this weekend’s Armageddon Philippines Qualifier. The team will also be competing in the Gigabyte Mineski Pro Gaming League (GMPGL) Class S during the same weekend.


There is certainly a lot of potential in the revamped line-up as witnessed during their recent performances in the SEA League qualifiers where they finished third behind Qlimax and MSIEvoGTnc.


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