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Interview with Eugene Tay from [Bf.Nut]

Vanessa Pk on 2013-02-12

Interview with Eugene Tay from [Bf.Nut]


Eugene “qu|kZ” Tay is the founder and team manager of [Bf.Nut], a professional FPS outfit in Singapore that had its humble beginnings playing Battlefield. They started in February 2004 as a casual Battlefield 1942 clan & have not looked back. They have come a long way since then and have just returned from DreamHack Winter 2012, one of the most prestigious international gaming events in the world. We managed to snag an interview with Eugene Tay about his first-time experience at DreamHack.

“The scale of the event is truly one of a kind, and we had a lot of fun interacting with e-Sports athletes from all over the world. It was also a very good opportunity for us to experience a different culture and immerse in a diverse environment. “

The competition was held all the way in Sweden, in which they competed in Battlefield 3 and were the only Asian representatives. “We are honoured to be representing, not just our country, but our continent. We are also immensely proud to wear the nation’s colours in such a prestigious gaming event. We hope that our appearance in the international scene can inspire more Asian teams to do the same.”


The Dream team: Christian ".m4gg0t!" Stingl, Donald "Gen3sis" Yeo, Lim "Euphoria" Yong Cheng, Eugene "qu|kZ" Tay, Muhammad Syafiq "Aeozoid" Bin Anuar, Jie Xiang "Chocolat3" Teo, Freddie "DarkFly3r" Gian 

Although the name [Bf.Nut] suggests the players are nuts about Battlefield, the team also came in fourth for a Counterstrike competition at the Asian Cyber Games 2012. They also emerged champions in season one of the Gigabyte Battlefield 3 Cup Asia in 2012. To top it all off, they are also back to back winners of Battlefield competitions in 2006 and have previously secured top honours at 5 large scale tournaments before DreamHack. However, when it comes to Eugene’s most memorable achievement, “it would be achieving 1st place in all 3 Battlefield tournaments with the team in a row during a span of 2 weeks in December 2006.” When the boys are not busy playing competitively, they do play other FPS games such as Team Fortress 2, Planetside 2, Day Z as well as games such as Dota 2, Starcraft 2 & Borderlands 2.

However, the members of [Bf.Nut] do not spent every moment of their life glued to the computer screen! Being natural born winners, they carry their competitive spirit in gaming to other aspects of life. “One of our hobbies is paintball which we play as a clan from time to time. Winning the Garena Blackshot Paintball Challenge in 2012 June was something we proved that gamers aren’t just lazy people who sit in front of the computer but actually excel in sports too!”



Unfortunately, [Bf.Nut] did not manage to win DreamHack this year. “We lost to Finland’s finest, who came in 1st Runner Up in the tournament. In the final game, they managed to pick us apart because of our little mistakes and this eventually cost us the match. We could do better in terms of analysing their pre-game, and we could have improved on our communication and teamwork.” Eugene also provided us with some insight on the difference between EU & Asian competitions. “European teams are more accustomed to playing in large-scale tournaments such as DreamHack. They also have a more competitive scene with more platforms for teams to improve their skills. In comparison, Asia has smaller competitive scene and less, large-scale tournaments. “  

This first year at DreamHack is just training ground for climbing greater heights. “It’s safe to say that we have exceeded our expectations.  It is our first major tournament in Europe, and to achieve a top 8 placing in our first run is quite an achievement. However, we are still rather unaccustomed to the European style of play and we will definitely train harder for the next tournament.”

Last but not least, [Bf.Nut] would love to thank their sponsors, “Picha "Hyperzine" Dvitiyanada of Illuminary Entertainment (previously known as Vantage eSports), Armaggeddon, AMD, Colosseum, AFTERSHOCK PC, Quirky Designs and SCOGA who have made this experience possible, as well as our loyal fans, families and friends who have given us 100% of their support by cheering us on! “

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