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Starcraft 2 South-East Asia Awards

RGN on 2013-01-30

The winners of the annual Starcraft 2 South-East Asia (SC2SEA) awards have been announced for 2012. These awards give recognition to the many players in the Starcraft community in South East Asia. There were many that had exceeded expectations throughout the year and have been nominated for awards for their amazing efforts. The 2012 awards have categories that carry over from the 2011 edition, with the usual ‘Player & Team Awards’ and ‘Best Pro Team’, amongst others. However, new categories have been introduced such as ‘Whatever happened to?’ and ‘Most likely to get banned in 2013’, which brought some comic relief to those who were left out.


mGG were the hot favourites and duly won Best New Clan, as they had many committed members involved who were dedicated to growing the clan. mGG also put out a large contingent of clan members for tournaments as well, so the award was definitely deserved.


The Most Improved Clan award went to ToR (Time of Rising). They were chosen over the numerous nominations due to their tremendous improvement over the course of the year. Made up of homegrown stars, they have definitely come a long way in 2012 and will be looking to reach greater heights in 2013.


Elsewhere Team Nv was crowed the best Pro Team in a category that was closely contested.  Nv was picked over Immunity as they had the edge in terms of management and player opportunities.


Most Underrated Player – A low profile player by the name of xGkingMyuu took home the award. Elite players rate him highly, and you should too. 


For the Most Likely to get Banned in 2013 category, SC2SEA named all four nominees as joint winners. Well, as if it was not bad enough to get nominated for this, this shows that you are definitely terrible.


The ‘Whatever happened to?’ award was called for after many nominees dropped out of the scene in 2012 – From going into the wilderness after deactivating Facebook accounts and losing interest in the game. The winner, deL, was a big contributor to SC2SEA before disappearing and getting engaged later in 2012.


Best Breakthrough Performance was awarded to fray`Petraeus after shocking many doubters after being placed 3rd for the tournament. He’s been praised for his courage and strong mindset.  In addition, the ‘Most improved rookie’ was also awarded to Petraeus after having such a fantastic year in 2012.


Finally, perhaps the most prestigious award of the lot, Player of the Year, and still the best and remaining a league above the other elite players in South East Asia, Nv.mOOnGLaDe took the accolade without a shadow of a doubt. He finished 2nd in the MLG tournament and won the “World Championship Series: Oceania Finals”.  With his legacy reinforced in 2012 mOOn will look to allow this momentum to carry him forward in 2013.


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