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What’s next Mushi?

Nico on 2013-01-19

Recently rumors surrounding the future of former Orange eSports veteran carry ‘Mushi’ have been swirling around cyberspace. Is he really going to join Team Zenith? Or are all the rumors just a smokescreen and he will ultimately remain in Orange eSports?

We take a look at the possible landing spots for this Dota2 stalwart and gauge the chances.



Team Zenith?

Well, this seems to be the hot option at the moment with an article even published claiming that Mushi had already made the move, though it was retracted later and clarifications were made that negotiations were still on-going.


At present, joining Team Zenith still seems to be the mostly likely outcome given the on-going negotiations. If Mushi does make the move to Team Zenith, the juggernaut team from Singapore might just have taken their line-up to the next level. Imagine IceIceIce being cared for in the safe-lane while Mushi is allowed to do what he is best at, controlling the middle lane. This would mean that Team Zenith could have a chance to dominate all their lanes during every game given the skill set and experience of their current line-up.


Although this mouth-watering lineup has yet to be confirmed and announced, it is easy to see why the rumor mills have installed this move as the favourite.


Orange eSports?

Will Mushi decide to stay with Orange eSports after all? It has already been proven that Mushi can perform well with the team but the deciding factor could be whether Mushi and Yamateh can co-exist? We witnessed how Orange played with only Mushi during SMM and only Yamateh during “The Asia” and other DotA2 tournaments. If their management can resolve this critical lineup issue between both superstars then it is still possible that we could see Mushi stay with Orange eSports.

However, I feel that it is unlikely to happen given what we have seen in recent months.


What if Mushi joins another team?

Joining another team other than Team Zenith or Orange eSports seems a longshot possibility at this point in time. However, if Mushi does join another team, which team would be a good fit? Natural9 could be a possible landing spot given the available spots in their lineup. Mineski could be another possibility as we should not discount his close relationship with the Philippine organization.

However, I would still look for Mushi to make the expected move to Team Zenith in the near future and hope to be able to provide confirmation on this matter in the near future.


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