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Yaphets return with Vici Gaming

Nico on 2013-01-29

PIS a.k.a. Yaphets, the famous Shadow Fiend player, will finally be making his comeback in the Dota Scene.


It was announced that the G-League breakout team, Vici Gaming will be acquiring a WC3 DotA team that is spearheaded by the legendary Yaphets. Yaphets, who is recognized as one of the greatest Shadow Fiend players ever, defeated veteran Dota 2 player and newest Zenith member Yamateh, during the World Dota Championship in 2010 in a 1 versus 1 all Shadow Fiend exhibition match.



Yaphets vs. Yamateh showmatch


The team became famous because of the public server games that they played in. Eventually, these pub-stars won the 17173 Dota Tournament which made them light up on sponsors’ radars. Although, they are signed to play WarCraft 3 DotA, sources say that there is a high possibility that they will also be competing in Dota 2 due to exposure and the number of tournaments being staged.


Here is the full roster lineup for the upcoming VG.Dota:


- VG.Maybe

- VG.xiaotuji

- VG.nL_KS

- VG.CaptainGiveMeBall


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