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NeStle: “We aim to dominate in competitive Dota 2”

Warturtle on 2013-02-11

NeStle: “We aim to dominate in competitive Dota 2”



“There were nobody else like you, who could create excitement just out of the blue,” is the opening line to a song Damir “NeStle” Dedic wrote which was inspired by popular Dota 2 caster Tobi “TobiWan” Dawson. ‘It won’t make a man’ is a bitter fanboy’s tribute to a man ‘who has kept on screaming all the same’.


On being asked about the video, NeStle replied, “My friend (Slain) and me made that song. We wrote the lyrics and he did most (of the work) and I supported him with trashtalk on Skype. We made it for fun, so no hard feelings to the caster Tobi Wan. You can find the VOD link below.”




During our interview with Damir “NeStle” Dedic from Gamer University (Europe), he mentioned that GU.Eu has two Dota 2 squads at the moment - GU.Peru and GU.Eu, with “NeStle” representing the latter.


“NeStle” is a veteran Dota player with over 5 years of experience in Dota and he recently swapped his focus to Dota 2 since December 2012. “NeStle” has been playing with the same team for the past two months and was only picked up by Gamer University last month.


During the interview, NeStle said that although they were new to competitive Dota 2, they aimed to take part in every upcoming tournament. When asked about his role in the team, NeStle said that he plays the support role and his favourite heroes are Crystal Maiden and Keeper of Light.


When asked about GU, he said that GU is a very pleasant organisation and that he was pleased to be a part of GU.Eu and was certain that he would try his best to ensure that his team will not disappoint the organisation, or their fans, with their tournament results.


Apart from playing Dota 2 NeStle admits to writing lyrics for a few bands and gave a big shout-out to Ramirez and Pavel for their support as well as Scuta.Beci and PlaymateofDotA (the biggest DotA cripple I've met in my entire life) and GinsoMaula!”


So will we see him pen the lyrics to a Top 100 song first or will he lead his team to a maiden Dota 2 tournament title instead? Having watched the video, my money is on them to get their first Dota 2 tournament success.


GU.Eu Roster :


Mortiz “BlueBanana” Borgetto

Vilem “Vilik” Smizansky

Andreas “Sierrar” Wolnievik

Hamza “Hamza” Neskic

Damir “NeStle” Dedic


Gamer University FB page:

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