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Yamateh departs from Orange

RGN on 2013-01-20

After being in the news for a long time its now official that Yamateh departs from Orange. The recent statement made by Orange on their offical facebook page confirms that Yamateh is no longer a part of their current roster.


Orange recently stated on their offical facebook page that “We like to announce the official departure of Yamateh from Orange Esports DotA team. He will be joining the Zenith team as you may see in their GosuCup Asia IV lineup. We thank him for his dedications and contributions to the team in 2012 and wish him much success. Orange Esports DotA team is still working on our 2013 roster aim to be among the Top 3 DotA2 teams in Asia. Thank you to our fans for their continuous support!”


With the departure of both Mushi and Yamateh from Orange it would be interesting to see how far can Orange go beyond in the current GosuCup Asia tournament they are playing in. It will be like starting from scratch for Orange with the new roster they are working on to keep their dominance in the Asia community.


In GosuCup Asia IV Orange have manage to qualify through the first 4 Rounds of Day1. Orange defeated Anti-Support, iS_Gaming and Pacific E-sports after getting a bye in Round 1. But their bigger challenges lies ahead in Day 2 where they would be facing much stronger teams. Orange’s first game for Day 2 will be against Neo.Int .



Stay tuned as we would be brining you live updates from GosuCup Asia IV from Day2 and also dont forget to subscribe our caster (PEWPEW) who will be casting games from GosuCup Asia IV. 

Orange’s facebook Page:
Gosucup Asia IV:
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