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Natural 9 cease to exist

Warturtle on 2013-02-12

Natural 9 cease to exist



Natural 9, arguably the best team from down under, has disbanded. After losing their sponsors Absolute Legends, N9 tried to rebuild their team to stay competitive in the Dota 2 scene but after a few months of trial and error, they have decided to part ways.


As one of the powerhouses in the competitive Dota 2 scene, they made their mark when they successfully defeated Moscow Five in joinDOTA’s BenQ The Clash and went on to be crowned champions of the event.


After showing consistent performances in various tournaments, Absolute Legends decided to pick Natural 9 as their Dota 2 squad, and the team later received a direct invite from Valve to The International 2. They then had a series of poor performances in the tournaments they participated in and after being unable to perform yet again at The International, N9 decided to part ways with Absolute Legends.


After moving away from Absolute Legends, r1sk, Shatan and Godot decided to build an international line-up (picking up Winter and Fzfz for The Asia) but things were not falling in place for N9. In a statement released to GosuGamers, David “r1sk” Arnous related that:

“We had a great run but unfortunately this is the end of N9. We were unable to string together five Australian players and then had little success in completing an international roster that melded well. This simple problem became our downfall, as people who were previously committed to the team lost hope and the will to try out others.


I’d like to thank all of our supporters for sticking by us through both the good times and the rougher patches. We especially appreciate our fellow Australians that would wake up early to watch our matches. Big thanks to Pandepic for his assistance over the last month and last but not least to GoDz who has been with us since the start of our Dota 2 journey. It is fantastic to see him making his dreams a reality with BTS.”


Former N9 Roster:

David 'r1sk' Arnous (Captain)

Darcy 'Godot' Jose

Alex 'BlackShatan' Chang

Tim 'XoYnoZnU' Lundell Johansson

David 'GoDz' Parker (Manager)


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