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joinDOTA and Bigpoint announce Bigpoint Battle

Warturtle on 2013-02-21

joinDOTA and Bigpoint announce Bigpoint Battle



joinDOTA and Bigpoint have joined forces to host ‘Bigpoint Battle’ a monthly tournament with a prize pool of close to €2,000.  The entire tournament will be casted in English by joinDOTA’s very own TobiWan and Epic.


Bigpoint is one of Europe’s leading online game developers and have been focusing on developing browser based games since 2002. These games span a variety of genres like MMORPG, strategy and action.


The Bigpoint Battle will consist of 16 teams, 8 of which will be decided through qualifiers while the remaining 8 slots are reserved for invited teams. The qualifiers will be open to a maximum of 512 teams and kick off 21 February.


The main event, however, will take place immediately after the qualifiers and be played every weekend. Bigpoint will also be handing out prizes to fans who register on their site through the tournament banner. More information on how your team can register is available below.


Tournament Prize Pool:

1st place: € 1,500

2nd place: € 500


Registration Link:


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