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Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament DOTA 2 is back

Hamodi on 2013-03-02

Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament DOTA 2 is back



The Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament DOTA 2, hosted by DotaTalk, returns with a whopping $46,000 prize pool. Six out of the eight qualifiers for the February leg have been completed and the tournament is expected to hold two more qualifiers for the South-East Asian Region.


The tournament will start with GMPGL DOTA 2, Philippines’ monthly DOTA tournament and will serve as their qualifier for GEST DOTA 2. For the rest of SEA, DotaTalk will be hosting qualifiers for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the ‘rest of SEA’ and ‘non-SEA’.


With the exception of the ‘non-SEA’ qualifier, the top placed teams from the rest of the qualifiers will get cash prizes and earn points tied on their performance. These points will be accumulated and more prizes will be given to the teams who top the scoreboard at the end of the season.


All teams who successfully qualify will advance on to the main GEST DOTA 2 Tournament that will be held from 5 to 6 March. It will feature a best-of-three single elimination bracket with the victor walking away with USD$1,000 in cash.


On top of that, the top two finishers of the GEST DOTA 2 Tournament will qualify for GEST The Challenge, which will be held every two months. This means that a total of four teams will advance and represent SEA to compete against invited teams from China.



Matches can be viewed via DotaTV with tournament tickets now available at the DOTA 2 Store. Each ticket will include access to two GMPGL DOTA 2 seasons, two GEST DOTA 2 seasons as well as GEST The Challenge over 2 months.




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