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GoDz: “We look to provide the highest level of analytical commentating”

RGN on 2013-02-28

GoDz: “We look to provide the highest level of analytical commentating”



Renowned DOTA 2 caster and BeyondTheSummit pioneer David ‘GoDz’ Parker stopped for a quick chat with regarding his early career as a caster and his plans for BeyondTheSummit. This high profile caster is no stranger to the community, having been on the analyst desk for major offline tournaments such as Dreamhack Winter and The International 2 in Seattle.


GoDz and LD’s move to a new studio in Los Angeles has been finalized. Their studio in Los Angeles will be home of all future broadcasts and even possible show matches should their budget permit.


In the interview, GoDz spoke about his recent hectic schedule, how he was “only able to cast LAN tournaments such as SMM, PGF and Dreamhack’ and that ‘BeyondTheSummit is now his full priority”.


While this is a huge move for his career, he also reminisced his early beginnings as a caster – he remembered having to pay for his own airfare just to be able to commentate at ESTC 2011 in Thailand, and how he was only fully recognized as a professional caster in mid-2012 when he became the main voice of GEST DOTA Cup.


His organization, BeyondTheSummit, aims to organize different DOTA 2 tournaments around the world. GoDz mentioned that a few ‘unique tournaments’ like A Fistful of Tangoes were already in the works and that BeyondTheSummit was also planning to sponsor their own DOTA 2 squad in the future, along with creating a merchandise shop selling BTS clothes and other goodies.



Be sure to check out the full interview by DotaBeyond below.




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