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Funn1k replaces Ars-Art in Na`Vi

Hamodi on 2013-02-28

Funn1k replaces Ars-Art in Na`Vi



The Ukrainian DOTA 2 Squad Natus Vincere has been underperforming at recent online tournaments, losing over half of their last ten matches. While hardcore fans have cited the lack of focus as a possible reason for their lacklustre performance, it seemed imminent that a major change was about to happen. CEO of Na`Vi, Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kohanovsky, has confirmed that Ars-Art will be leaving the team in favour of Empire’s Funn1k. 


Problems within the line-up were already brewing from as early as last June, when an interview with Puppey during their boot-camp for The International 2 revealed communication and motivational issues amongst the players. Today, it has been confirmed that Funn1k will be replacing Ars-Art, after news of his departure from Empire was released online only minutes ago.


Although we now know where Funn1k will be heading, there is unfortunately no news about whether Ars-Art will find a new team or stop playing altogether.




"I would like to thank Natus Vincere e-Sports Club for this wonderful year and a half that I've been a part of it. Thanks to the guys for their support and victories. Thanks to the staff for all their assistance in every aspect. Special thanks to ZeroGravity, of course, who asked me to join Na`Vi back in that days. I want to wish (the new team) good luck. See you soon, just in a new squad!"


"Today I announce that one of our players will be leaving the team, Sergey "AA" Revin. The presence of Smile in this team will always be remembered because he was a part of what created Na`Vi. Times (are) different and conflicts have arisen. It has been an uneasy environment for a long time (and) we have been trying to fix this situation but have failed to do so. That is why we will bring new blood and friendship to the team. Funn1k, an old friend of XBOCT and a remarkable player will be joining us today to rebuild Na`Vi and create a new environment"


"I feel sorry to leave my current team but Na`Vi is on top of the e-Sports (scene) and it's worth trying to become the best. I am very happy that I will be now playing with this team and won't say something like 'we will become number 1 in the world'. I don't know if we will but I know that I'll do my best to make it happen" 


Na`Vi is currently placed second in Raidcall EMS One after three Cups, 10th in the RaidCall D2L Season 2 and 14th in the StarLadder Star Series V - will this roster change improve their performance? How long will it take Funn1k to gel with his new team? The upcoming weeks will be a turbulent period in Na`Vi’s road to The International 3 this year and perhaps it will provide the answer as to whether this roster change will pay off for the team in the long run.


Natus Vincere New DOTA 2 Lineup:

Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov (Captain)

Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin

Alexander  ‘XBOCT’ Dashkevich

Dmitriy ‘LightofHeaven’ Kupriyanov

Gleb ‘ Funn1k’ Lipatnikov



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