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Awake crowned as LenDota Champions

Warturtle on 2013-03-02

Awake crowned as LenDota Champions



The LenDota tournament concluded 28 February with Awake crowned as champions. Pacific2 had to settle for second place after a closely fought match against Awake in a best of three series.


Awake reached the Grand Final of the LenDota tournament after defeating Neolution in their semi-final. Neolution were consecutive champions of LenDota coming into the February leg, after winning in January and December. The previous matchups between Awake and Neolution did not go well for Awake as they were defeated in the January quarter-finals as well as in the December Grand Final. However, it seemed that Awake had their strategies well-tuned to counter Neolution this time round as they managed to get revenge against Neolution. On the other hand, Pacific2 encountered from Vietnam in the other semi-final and had no problem taking out the amateur team. 


It boiled down to the Grand Final where Awake and Pacific2 were both looking strong. The story of the Final was however one-sided, as Awake was dominant in both games played. Mistakes by Pacific2 piled up and Awake was able to punish the Filipino team to grab the LenDota Championship for February.


With the conclusion of LenDota’s February leg, the organizers have already announced March’s edition. Teams must register for the tournament by 14 March which is scheduled to start 15 March with a single elimination bracket.


More details including the link for registration can be found below.


Final Standings:

1st place: Awake

2nd place: Pacific2


Registration Link:

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