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WePlay organizes show-match between Na’Vi and EG

Nic on 2013-03-02

WePlay organizes show-match between Na’Vi and EG



Fans who are eager to catch the new Na`Vi lineup in action can do so this Sunday, 3 March, in a show-match against the pride of the American scene, Evil Geniuses. The show-match, organized by WePlay, will be a best of five battle, with the winners walking away with $500 on top of the $250 for participation. 


This will be a tough match to call since both two teams are currently in a slump -  EG is a shadow of their former selves and have been playing without composure while Na`Vi is now tasked to make their new lineup with Kuroky and Funn1k work for them.



Besides the show-match, WePlay is also organizing a DOTA 2 tournament which will feature various top tier teams including Na’Vi, Virtus Pro, Team Empire, NTH and Team Liquid amongst others.


A qualifier titled the ‘Last Chance’ will be the final qualifier for this event where the winning team gets a slot in the first season of WePlay DOTA 2. Check back this Sunday for more information.


Rapture Gaming Network’s resident caster “PewPew” will be casting this event. For more information with regard to the WePlay DOTA 2 tournament and the show-match between Na’Vi and EG, be sure to visit for future updates.

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