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Evil Geniuses grabs €1250 at the first Eizo Cup

Warturtle on 2013-03-02

Evil Geniuses grabs €1250 at the first Eizo Cup



Evil Geniuses has successfully grabbed the Eizo Cup championship title and €1250 in cash after defeating Pain Gaming from Brazil in the Grand Final. The tournament was jointly hosted by Eizo and joinDOTA and featured teams such as Team Liquid and Virtus Pro (who were disqualified in the semi-finals).


This first season of the Eizo Cup had both invited and qualified teams playing in a single elimination bracket. Among the qualified teams, only TCM, Pain Gaming and Z4 were successful in progressing to the second round of the tournament. Pain Gaming, however, stood out from the crowd and managed to survive against the likes of many formidable teams to progress to the Grand Final of the tournament.


EG had to take out Team Liquid in a best of three matchup in their semi-final, while Pain Gaming advanced automatically following the disqualification of Virtus Pro. This does not discredit the Brazilian squad, however, as they were able to take out Empire in the second round of the tournament.


After defeating Liquid and securing a spot in the Final, EG were in no mood to lose yet another championship after coming so close. Pain Gaming, on the other hand, was on a confident winning streak through the qualifiers and had defeated big-name opponents in the earlier rounds.


Ultimately, it seemed that EG had it going for them as they handily dispatched Pain Gaming 2-0 in the Final to take home title. The final standings for Eizo Cup Season One are as follow:



1st Place: EG (€1250)

2nd Place: Pain Gaming (€500)

3rd Place: Team Liquid (€250)


Eizo Cup Bracket:

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