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Na` Vi to bootcamp in China

Hamodi on 2013-03-03

Na` Vi to bootcamp in China



The Natus Vincere “drama”, as CEO Alexander ‘ZeroGravity’ Kokhanovsky puts it, will finally be laid to rest in a video blog released, revealing the truths behind of his organization’s decisions over the past week. One thing, however, caught everyone’s attention – Na`Vi will be boot-camping in China from April to May.


Just a few days ago, the Na`Vi DOTA 2 roster underwent a huge reformation, starting from to the departure of ARS-ART, the inactivity of LightofHeaven and finally the acquisitions of Funn1k and KuroKy. 



In the video, ZeroGravity mentioned that Na`Vi will be heading to China for a boot-camp as well as participate in various Asian tournaments. With that said, the team will be forfeiting all European and North American tournaments for the two months that they will be in China. He also made it clear that LightofHeaven is still under contract with Na`Vi and is unable to sign with other teams for at least the next two months.


Fans of Na`Vi can look forward to upcoming hero guides written by the players themselves. Each player would also have to release video-blogs about their personal lives and their training routines. The new Na`Vi lineup promises to “change the meta-game through broadening their hero pool (and) coming up with new and better strategies”.


Catch the new Na`Vi lineup in action in the on-going StarLadder Season 5.




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