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A look at possible roles for the new Na’Vi

Nic on 2013-03-02

A look at possible roles for the new Na’Vi


One of Europe’s premier DOTA 2 elites and former “The International” champions, Natus Vincere, have gone through a major overhaul in preparation for future tournaments.


One of the first changes reported was the addition of the Ukrainian veteran Gleb “Funn1k” Lipatnikov in favour of Russian support player Sergey “Ars-Art” Revin. Another roster change that followed the day after was the announcement of LightOfHeaven going inactive for a couple of months - the one that will replace him is German heavyweight Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi. We believe the addition of KuroKy and Funn1k will put Na`Vi in the right direction and enjoy some stability to prepare for competition.


Photo credit to JoinDota


The big question now is – how will Na’Vi line up? At present, only Dendi and Puppey’s roles are expected to remain the same. Shockingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly to his detractors), XBOCT may not even keep his role as the carry one position as both Funn1k and KuroKy have played that position in previous teams.


During one of their latest official matches, Funn1k has been playing alongside Puppey as the position two support for the team and KuroKy has taken over LightofHeaven’s vacated position in the off-lane. This may strike everyone as counter-intuitive, since Funn1k was one of the best off-laners in the European scene when he played for Empire. Furthermore, KuroKy played support for Mouz before joining Na’Vi.


Will they be retaining their current roles or are they merely experimenting? Will we eventually see Funn1k in the off-lane and KuroKy as the support? Speculation circulating on various forums, suggest that XBOCT can switch and play as the team’s support to give way to KuroKy, who is one of the most well recognized carries in Europe.


Needless to say, no matter what positions they eventually settle for, the current Natus Vincere line-up is one of the most flexible team rosters in the DOTA 2 scene at the moment. A significant number of the Ukrainian team’s fans will be waiting for the organization’s final decision.


Hopefully, this major move by the team can lead them back to their glory days and possibly another championship run during The International 3 later this year.



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