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Show-match: The GD Studio challenges Beyond the Summit

Warturtle on 2013-03-01

Show-match: The GD Studio challenges Beyond the Summit 



The GD Studio and the Beyond the Summit Studio will both be in action this Saturday 21:00 CET in a much anticipated show-match for fans of both communities. Speculation was rife during the last Staff Cup where fans eagerly awaited a clash between The GD Studio and BTS in the Final - but alas, they eliminated before they could face each other.


A recent tweet by the GD Studio announced that the show-match between arguably the two most promising studio production teams in the DOTA 2 scene, will be played this Saturday. Both teams will field complete rosters with Winter notably lining up for BTS.


It will be exciting to see if a team led by veteran players like Godz and Winter will be able to clinch the best of three series against The GD Studio even with the expected high latency.


The casters for this show-match will be Synderen and Meruna, the two original casters who brought the community coverage of the Staff Cup. Alternatively, Beyond The Summit and The GD Studio will be providing their own casting of the series, as revealed in a statement by GoDz on GosuGamers as well as James ‘2GD’ Harding on last night’s GD Show #32.


Be sure to tune in this Saturday for the exciting clash between BTS and The GD Studio at 21:00 CET (or 04:00 SGT on Sunday).


BTS Roster:








GD Studio Roster:







Show-match Tweet :

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