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ZSMJ to debut in Netolic Pro League

Nic on 2013-03-29

ZSMJ to debut in Netolic Pro League


The legend will finally be coming back to the competitive scene. The long awaited comeback of former CHINALGD star, Jian “ZSMJ” Gong has been confirmed and the professional carry player will debut at the Netolic Pro League.


This was made possible because of his promotion to CHINAVici Gaming team 1. ZSMJ, prior to this, had signed a contract to play with CHINAVici Gaming team 2 in March. Though the team has not been competing professionally, a significant number of fans have been yearning to see their idol play again.



The promotion of ZSMJ also resulted in a roster change in the organization as the former team 1 player Jun Jie “sydm” tong will be playing for team 2 as a direct replacement. Another adjustment that has been made will see Tian Yu “Cty” Chen VG’s previous hard carry will be moving to play the middle lane instead to give way to ZSMJ and allow him to play his preferred role as the hard carry.


Expectations are sky high for this overhaul in CHINAVici Gaming. This update also followed major roster shuffles between CHINALGD.China, CHINATongFu and CHINARattlesnakes as well as the key additions of former CHINAEHOME veterans KingJ and Zippo in


Certainly, a lot is expected from this Chinese team in the days to come as they continue their quest for international glory.


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    Yaphets or PIS is still in their WC3 Dota roster. hopefully he can transition and join ZSMJ on VG team 1

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