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Dreamz releases JyC

Avarice on 2013-06-03

Dreamz releases JyC


A statement on the on the facebook profile of PHILIPPINESPatrick "JyC" Pascua has announced his release from PHILIPPINESDreamz.LedionSteelSeries. The decision leaves the Philippine-based team with two players on their official roster.


PHILIPPINESDreamz's complete roster on hand, with manager to boot.


PHILIPPINESPatrick "JyC" Pascua has just made a statement on his Facebook profile regarding his release from PHILIPPINESDreamz.

The statement: "I don't think this is necessary but just to clear things out and for the people asking me, I'm already out of PHILIPPINESDreamz Dota's roster since last week. I left due to some personal issues. I would like to thank our manager, PHILIPPINESJustin Alm for everything that he did for us. Thank you to SteelSeries Philippines Fanpage and Ledion FAMILY for believing in us. Thank you to my former team mates for the experiences and enjoyment. I hope that I can find a new team soon".

There is some speculation that the removal of PHILIPPINESJyC along with long-tme team frontman PHILIPPINESJulius "JulZ" Domingo was caused by a disagreement between him and Dreamz manager PHILIPPINESJustin "BigDogJ" Almedia. The only peaceful withdrawal from the team seems to come in the form of PHILIPPINESJoshua "Owey" Dela Cruz, who cited real-life commitments as his main reason for leaving the team.

The sudden reforming of the PH team has allegedly been attributed to their relatively lackluster performance in The International 3 Eastern Qualifiers. The team itself has for a long time been considered one of the best teams in their country, dominating several local tourneys and going so far as to place second in GosuCup Asia VI after dropping to Their inclusion in the Eastern Qualifiers for TI3 was met with much enthusiasm and hype, but were quickly eliminated, ending their journey.

With three of Dreamz members out, the team is left with PHILIPPINESLloyd "LA" Alfred and PHILIPPINESHiroshi "Yoshi" Yoshimoto in their roster.

Source: JyC's facebook


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